Wednesday, January 18, 2012 | By: Debbie

January 18, 2011 - On the move again.

Well I came to a couple of conclusions last night with myself and this is where I am at.  I have decided no to continue Weight Watchers, but to go in on my own.  I am going to try portion control and cutting back on sweets or at least do sugar free sweets for a while.  I am going home to walk tonight on my treadmill for 15 min a night for the first week just to get back in the groove of it and then next week I am going to increase it to 20 min a night and so on.  I am going to try and do this twice a day to get in 30 min each day. 

Today is my first day of writing down what I eat and my exercise so I will post it tomorrow for everyone to see.  I love Weight Watchers do not get me wrong, but right now I really can not afford to do it.  So I have to try the budget plan and see how I do.  So any feedback on a total calorie intake would be great.  I have not counted calories in a while so I need help people. 

Have a great day..


Jo said...

Hey Debbie, I did a post awhile back about calorie counting. It's listed on my main blog page, on the right, the last item, scroll down to "Calorie Counting 101." It is very basic, but should refresh your memory and get you started. The best advice I can give you is, read labels, and don't eat it if you don't know how many calories are in it. Good luck!

The Path Traveled said...

Debbie, check out
They helped me and my hubby. We still are members. Its free! It has food log area, exercise logs, goals, ect.

birchgirl said...

I prefer counting calories to anything. I recommend myfitnesspal. It is free and will give recommendations on a calorie limit.

Enz said...

I like sparkpeople for counting calories, just experiment til you find one you like and a method you like. You can do this. Any plan that has you moving and eating healthy is going to have you losing weight, as long as you stick to it - and you have us to help you do that. Welcome back! Hugs.

oh_mg said...

MyFitnessPal is a great site for tracking calories, both in and out!