Wednesday, June 8, 2011 | By: Debbie

Wednesday June 8, 2011 - Meeting day again..

I am excited about this weigh-in even though I know that I will either be the same weight as last time or have gained a couple of pounds.  I know it sounds funny to be excited when you know you have not lost any, but I am back on the right track with my food journals and I plan on staying that way.  We went out to eat last night and I did really great I had an Oriental chicken salad at Applebee's and it was good and I only ate half of it.  I am back on water to drink and down to one diet coke a day.  I am not going to give them altogether this time, because I end up craving the hell out of one and over doing it.

I am tracking on paper again and then putting it in my phone so I can post it on my blog.  I think it helps keep me accountable for what I eat.  I know it helps me keep up with it for myself, because sometimes I forget what I have eaten. 

I did not get to exercise last night and I missed my afternoon swim.  We had to run out to Toys-r-us and get my grandson a birthday present.  From where we live it is 40 miles one way to the store so we got home late.  I am hoping to get on the wii when I get home tonight and maybe do a little Zumba or kettle ball.

Here is yesterdays food journal. 
Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Allocated : 31.0
Earned : 0.0
Remaining : 0.0
Total : 31.0

1.0 cookie chocolate chip
0.0 tomato
0.0 lettuce
0.0 grapes
5.0 fajita
2.0 bean refried
2.0 cheese shredded
3.0 tortilla
0.0 watermelon
2.0 egg boiled
1.0 Mayo w/ olive oil
0.0 Banana(s) 1 large (136g)
2.0 bread whole wheat light
4.0 2x we ice cream sandwich
9.0 Oriental chicken salad


The Path Traveled said...

You are my inspiration for being so strong goaled. I need to get my mind back on my goals and back on track. O have put on around ten pounds since my goal was meet last September and right now I need a slap in the face back to whats important to me. I thought maybe my running was adding muscle weight, but I think thats myth. My cloths still fit right but the scales are teasing me. I'm hoping your strong will will inspire me! Thank you!

Tim said...

Good luck with the weigh in Debbie!