Tuesday, June 7, 2011 | By: Debbie

Tuesday May 7th, 2011 - Tracking again....

I am back to tracking again and writing it all down.  I am also putting it in my phone so that I can email it to myself and post it on my blog again every day.  So far so good and I hope to stay the same this week at my weigh in and lose at least 2 lbs by next week.  I think the swimming will help and my ad will come out in the paper on Thursday so we will see if I get someone to walk with me or not.  I am so excited and I hope I get a response so that we can walk in the 5k on June 25th in our small town. 

I have been reading posts and trying to respond to as many as I can at lunch and boy I am here to tell you that some of you are impressive with your will power and weight loss.  I am so jealous of some of you and I hope that it will start to rub off on me.  I stood in front of the mirror last night and gave my self a talking to.  It is time for me to get back to the program and get my weight loss on the move downward again.  Have you every just wanted to reach up and slap yourself for being so stupid.  I was doing to good and then several things happen in my life that got me off track.  One of them was when our grandson and his girlfriend and baby moved in with us for a few weeks.  Second one was when we went on a cruise and I was exposed to all that food.    I screwed up and so I will start over and get back on track. 

Have a great day and here is yesterday's food journal.
Monday, June 6, 2011


Allocated : 31.0
Earned : 8.0
Remaining : 16.0
Total : 23.0

1.0 Popsicle
2.0 Lima beans
0.0 mushroom
0.0 onion
4.0 venison
2.0 jello
3.0 pork chop
3.0 butter
3.0 potato
0.0 tomato
0.0 cucumber
0.0 watermelon
+8.0 Swimming
2.0 bread whole wheat light
0.0 cantaloupes
0.0 banana
1.0 Mayo light
2.0 Egg 1 medium (45g)


Kelly said...

Love the new blog! Looks great!!

Tracking is so important; but I know you know that. I'm excited to be getting back to posting about my calories on my blog! Love seeing what others are eating.

Jo said...

Debbie, here is an idea for your walking. There is a group of ladies in my town who are mostly in their 30's and 40's, who get together and "train" for 5K's. They have informal classes with speakers to keep them motivated, and twice a week they walk together. They participate in the 5K's in all the towns around us. Their common thread is the Relay for Life which is going to be held here in a couple of weeks. Just an idea for you.

Floriana said...

You'll get there Debbie. Whatever happened happened, don't look back. As long as you concentrate on your current efforts and give it your best everything will be all right. I hope you do get a partner for the 5K, but even if you don't - do it on your own! :)

Life as a Caterpillar said...

You are doing great Debbie, don't beat yourself up about what happened in the past- today is a new day and you can kick ass!!


Michele said...

Haven;t stopped by for a while. Glad you are tracking food again. I slacked in this for a few months and just started up too. What a difference it makes in progress. Stay strong. You can do this!