Wednesday, June 15, 2011 | By: Debbie

Wednesday June 15, 2011 - Kettle Ball night...

Tonight is my weigh-in night and I am going to do a 20 minute Kettle ball workout when I get home.  I hope to work in at least 2 nights a week with the Kettle ball to give me some weight training.  The swimming is giving me a pretty good work out and I am loving it, but I need some weight training also.  I have a DVD that came with my kettle ball, but if anyone knows a better kettle ball work out please send it my way.

Supper last night was great, hubby cooked some chicken thighs on the grill and we had pasta salad with it.  I got the recipe off of Weight Watchers and it was great.  I fixed some green beans to go with it and brought left overs today.  I have been  eating a lot of fruit and drinking a lot of water this week so hopefully I will have a good weigh-in.  I am tracking and measuring and watching those points better this week so I should have a loss.  I will take any loss just so I have one. 

Okay hubby was being cute with the camera yesterday, so here are some pictures of me swimming and in my swim suit.   I still have a long way to go, but I am taking it one pound at a time.


Have a great day and here is my food journal from yesterday.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Allocated : 31.0
Earned : 8.0
Remaining : 10.0
Total : 29.0

+8.0 Swimming
3.0 cookie
2.0 2x ww fudge bar
5.0 pasta salad
0.0 green beans
3.0 chicken grilled 3 oz
6.0 3x Taco shell 1 medium (13g)
2.0 cheese shredded
0.0 lettuce
3.0 venison
0.0 tomato
2.0 egg boiled
0.0 grapes
0.0 watermelon
0.0 cantaloupes
2.0 whole wheat bread
1.0 Mayo w/ olive oil
0.0 Banana(s) 1 large (136g)


Floriana said...

You look great, Debbie! That's a nice pool you've got there. So lucky! Have a good weigh in tonight :)

midlife_swimmer said...

You look happy and euphoric :) I love swimming that way. I invite you to send me a copy of these pics if you like and join one of my swimsuit sundays this summer :)

Tim said...

So jealous of your pool!!! You're doing great! Good luck with the weigh in!

Sarah said...

That swim looks SO refreshing! You look great, by the way!

Sarah @ Thinfluenced

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I love my Kettle Bell but haven't used it in too long. I have a DVD called Jillian Michael's Shred It With Kettle Bells. It is a great workout. I love it. They have it at Amazon.

Scott R. McManus said...

Wow! The pool seems quite refreshing and therapeutic for you! I am rooting for great results at your weigh in tonight!

Anonymous said...

You look great! :) Enjoy your swimming!

The Path Traveled said...

You look amazing and refreshed. The hubbie is proud to show you off, and he should be!

Momma Hunt said...

pool look great super jealous of that right now!

Larry Romeo said...


You are the first I have read about using a kettle ball for weight training. I have read a little about kettle ball workouts and it looks like a good way to firm up one's muscles. As you know building muscles is a great way to burn fat. The fat burning even happens after the kettle ball workout when the muscles are recovering from the workout.

Keep up with your swimming routine. I have read about interval training which has been proven to burn fat faster that just swimming laps at a steady pace. Interval training would have you swim as fast as you can in short periods of time with a period of rest between the swimming intervals.

Keep it up with your eating and exercising. You will get to your weight loss goals soon.