Wednesday, May 18, 2011 | By: Debbie

Wednesday May 18, 2011 - Time to weigh again..

I am hoping for any kind of loss this week after the last couple of weigh-in's being so terrible.  I have done really well this week and I hope it shows on the scales when I weigh tonight.  I really enjoy my WW meetings it gives me a night for myself sort of.  

Today's lunch was a homemade hamburger on the grill with light mayo and left over veggies from last night.  I am being really good today cause there are some cookies in the kitchen that smell wonderful.  I am not going to have one though because I am going to get my eating back under control.  I did have my one diet coke for lunch today though with my hamburger and it was pretty good.   Supper tonight is left over BBQ from my nieces wedding.  Hubby should be able to handle this pretty good. 

Wish me luck with my weigh-in tonight I am hoping for 2 lbs.  Short post today..


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Good luck with the weigh in, Debbie. I hope you see a good loss this time. BBQ sounds wonderful for dinner. It is one of my favorite meals. I don't get it often though. I usually get a dinner from Buddy's and then just get the sauce on the side. I love their green beans. It has been a while since I made homemade BBQ. That might be something to consider for this next week.

Princess Dieter said...

We have BBQ at least once a week. Hubby and I both loved the flavor of smoky grilled meat with a nice sauce. I have to ask them for sauce on the side, cause so much BBQ sauce has sugar or HFCS, so I get one online that is sugar free, add a bit more mustard to spike it up, and I'm good to go. :)

I think you might even see more than 2 lbs. Eating a lot and eating junky foods can cause bloat. Eating back on plan can help release it. Hey, I hope you weigh in GREAT.

Jo said...

I would bet you will see more than 2 gone. My guess is 3.

Tim said...

Sending my best wishes to you for your weigh in later. Good luck Debbie!