Tuesday, January 11, 2011 | By: Debbie

Day 11 - Trying to stay on track..

This week so far has been hell for me with trying to track my food.  I am doing it and so far I have stayed on track, but the scales have not moved since last week.  I do not know what is going on.  I am eating a lot of fruit and I am wondering if that is what is it.    I also know it can be the stress that I am under at work and until I move into my new job full time it is going to be this way. 

I did not get to walk on the treadmill yesterday when I got home I was just to cold.  I went home and put on my warmest sweat pants and some heavy socks and curled up on the couch under a blanket.  I was just plain cold and it took me a while to get warm.  I hope to walk as soon as get home today though and I am going to get hubby to take a picture of me on my treadmill.  I am going to have to use my old camera, cause I left my new one at the deer camp.  Or at least I hope that is where it is. 

Super last night was chicken fajitas and they were great.  I also brought the left overs for my lunch today so I had a great low point lunch also.  Well here is yesterdays food journal and I am going to try and read a few posts before my lunch hour is over. 


Karen Butler Ogle said...

This comment is coming from a former diabetic but I can say that anyone with diabetes, or prediabetes or insulin resistance, too many carbs, even in the form of fruit, can mess up your weight loss effort. Have you had blood work done in a while? This might be something you want to look into. If you are prediabetic or insulin resistant you need to know that to know how to plan your meals. This is just a thought from reading about your lack of loss this week. I wish you the best!

Lisa said...

Hang in there!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Yes.... hang in there. One good choice at a time. It does make a difference!! :)


Princess Dieter said...

Stress, sodium, starchy foods, sugars can all stall weight loss. I think I stalled cause my diet went UP in starches...I'm starting to feel that's the culprit in my case, cause my calories are great and exercise is INCREASED. Or a plateau. Happens. Sucks, but happens when you've dieted a while and lost some.

Try switching the fruits to lower GI ones--berries, cherries, grapefruit instead of orange. And check teh sodium changes in what you eat?Did you eat more salt or significantly more starchy carbs this past week?

Best of luck with the next weigh-in.

that TOPS lady said...

My two cents: The scale is a retard :)

When I do good and don't see a loss, I usually throw in the towel. (I am NOT suggesting this LOL!) However, my husband can do SUPERB (he NEVER cheats) and show a gain and it doesn't phase him at all...he just keeps on plan...and before you know it, the scale catches up and he has a huge loss.

Lesia said...

We all have our struggles it's how we handle them that gets us past them. Hang in there. smile.