Friday, December 17, 2010 | By: Debbie

Friday 12-17-10 Hello Weekend..

I am so damn glad that it is Friday that I could jump up and down and dance naked.  Well maybe not jump up and down, but the naked thing sounds fun.  Good day on my eating today, I had some bake chicken for supper with brown wild rice and 1/2 cup of hominy.  Lunch was take out again from Wendy's, and I am so ready to get caught up on my grocery shopping this week.  I am going to stock up on some fresh veggies and fruits.  Work has become hell on earth this week with all the money problems starting to catch up to the company.  People calling all day long wanting money and I can understand their wanting to be paid, but god they get rude and mean.  I will be so glad when my boss gets back in the office on Monday and can take some of these calls. 

I am still upset over the scales not doing anything this week and I did not buy any diet cokes today.  I am back on water and water only for a while.  I did really good last night we went to eat pizza and I ate one piece and a really large salad.  We got the supreme thin crust and it was great, but the salad was really wonderful.   I put all kinds of veggies on it and just a little cheese and it was yummy.   

I had the cable hooked up in my work out room so that I can watch TV while I walk so it will not be so boring.  I tried watching movies, but that only lasted a couple of days and I was through all the movies that I have.  Now I can watch Law and Order or my Christmas shows and hubby can watch what he wants to. 

Well I am sitting here at deer camp again and since I am the only one here right now I am going to catch up on reading some posts.  Have a great night and stay healthy..


Renea said...

I also had the cable put in the workout room. I was hoping that I would get on the treadmill more. But no that is NOT working. Maybe come summer. Because right now I would rather just walk outside even though my treamill is designed to be at 10-20% incline and I burn twice the calories in the same amount of time. You would think I would choose the treamill.
But I am really enjoying the weather and before we know it it will too hot to step out my front door!

that TOPS lady said...

You have a workout room with a treadmill and cable? I am SO jealous!