Wednesday, November 24, 2010 | By: Debbie

Wednesday 11-24-10 Let the cooking began..

Well we are in Port Gibson and I have been cooking since I got here at 4 pm today.  I made a homemade pecan pie as soon as I walked through the door and then it was on to cutting up the celery and onions.   I made a banana pudding and a homemade from scratch Italian Cream cake.  This is my husband's favorite cake and it takes 3 hours to make this damn cake.  Oh well I only have to make it once a year so I can live with that. 

I am going to stay on track with my eating even with all the food that I am having to cook.  I am going to have some turkey and a few dumplings.  I am making a large salad also to go with everything so I hope to fill up on this. 

I received an award today from the 2010 Top Weight Loss Blog Awards given by the Surgical  I have no idea why I was picked along with everyone else, but it was kind of cool.  I will post it on my blog tomorrow for everyone to see.  Not much going on tonight and I am tired so Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone..