Sunday, November 14, 2010 | By: Debbie

Sunday 11-14-10 Party is over time to go home.

Well we had a crowd last night for the hog cooking and it was fun.  Everyone got plenty to eat between the hog and the deer.  I did pretty good on my eating and only went over my points by 4 so I can deal with that with the extra points I get.    Today has been a really busy day, with getting ready to go home and going to the grocery store.   I went to Home Depot and purchased a new stove for the house yesterday and had to go and pick it up this morning.  I have been without an over for 5 months so it has been hard.  We have been doing a lot of grilling, but with the cold weather it is getting harder to grill outside.   I picked up some Tuna fillets today at Kroger and I am going home and cook them for supper with a salad and warmed up turnip greens for supper.  Sounds yummy huh...  

I am going home and walk on my treadmill and play with my wii fit for a little while this afternoon.  I also have to do laundry and clean up the house so I will get plenty of exercise.  I am working toward another 2 lb loss this week so I will only need 9 lbs to reach my goal of 60 by Christmas.   Have a great weekend and here is yesterday's food journal..


Phil said...

It all sounds peachy on the weight-loss front. Great to see you keep your cool with all that lovely meat around too....i tend to keep picking until i've ate way more than i should.

Tim said...

You only went over your points by 4 after a big party? That's pretty good! Nice one! :)

I soooooo wanna try hog and deer. I always feel hungry when I read your posts! LOL