Saturday, November 13, 2010 | By: Debbie

Saturday 11-13-10 Red neck Hog cooking party..

We are having a good old fashion Red Neck Hog cooking this weekend at deer camp.  One of the guys killed a hog a couple of weeks ago so we thawed it out this weekend and have it cooking outside.  We have a coon ass microwave and it has been cooking since 6:00 AM this morning.  Now for you folks who have no idea what in the hell a coon ass micro wave is here is a description for you.  It is a large box 4 x 4 that is about 3 inches thick with a rack in the bottom of it.  You put water in the bottom and lay your meat on the rack and then you put the top on and build a small fire on top of the box.  Not a large fire mind you, but just a very small one and you keep it burning all day.  We put the hog in a cooler yesterday and marinated it in Dale seasoning, orange juice and Italian salad dressing.  You can smell it for miles down the road.  We are have with it some turnip greens,  potato's cooked with onions and cold slaw.  There will be pumpkin pie, rolls and cheese cake.  Throw in some beer and a couple of gallons of tea and you have a good old fashion hog cooking.  We have a big camp fire going outside and it is going to be a blast.  We are expecting around 15 to 20 people so we will see. 

Yesterday's eating was out of control and it did not help that I went to my sisters 50th birthday party at my niece's last night.  I do not usually go, because we are always gone on the weekends but my niece asked me so I decided to go.   I did good for breakfast yesterday, but my friend Lorie came by and we went and ate pizza for lunch.  I did have a salad, but I also had some pizza and a little pasta.  I try and stay pretty honest with my eating and if I blow it like yesterday I like to come clean and admit it.  I always keep my journal as honest as possible.  This I do for myself, because I am hurting no one but myself if I think I can hide what I eat.  Sooner or later the scales will tell on me so I am okay with blowing it one day a week.  I got right back on track this morning though and I plan on eating my allotted pork tonight and greens.  Greens are zero points and I love them so this will be my main course tonight.

I did not get to post yesterday and that is the first time I have missed posting in a long time.  Time got away from me yesterday and I did not get to deer camp until late last night and I was tired.  Anyway I went outside and took a picture of the coon ass microwave for everyone to see.  Here is yesterday's food journal so you can see how bad I did.   If you are wondering about the tin over the top it was starting to rain so it looks like we may be bringing it inside.


Tim said...

Have a good time with the hog cooking. I've never had hog before. I bet it tastes really nice after being cooked on the coon ass micro wave

Floriana said...

That hog sounds very tasty. Wish I was there to try it.
Way to go on keeping it honest. I think that's the right way to go. Well done on getting back on track so quickly! :)

Phil said...

Glad to hear you are keeping it honest on your blogging - i have thought about telling a fib on my blog before to cover up something i wasn't proud off (like eating something naughty) but once we lie on our blog, it's just the start of a slippery slide, and anyway, reading about others' struggles AND successes (and sharing my own) is what is most helpful to others and can help people get out of their own funk when they read of others doing the same.

That redneck-hog-cookout sounds amazing and i can almost smell it after the description you gave. Stay strong and don't let your eating define you this weekend.

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Your honesty with yourself is're still accounting for what you ate, even though it wasn't picture-perfect. I admire you for doing so- I've NEVER been able to track what I ate if I went off plan (part of the denial/checking out with overeating, in my case).

Thanks for the description and picture of the coon-ass microwave. I'll bet it's delicious!!!

Losingmore said...

as a true northerner, this post just educated me on something I had no idea even existed! but it sounds like FUN!