Monday, November 15, 2010 | By: Debbie

Monday 11-15-10 Hot flashes from Hell...

I have been doing so good without my high blood pressure meds and I thought I was doing as good without my harmone pills.   Nope I am going to have to start taking them again tonight.  I am having hot flashes and they are driving me nuts.  I was up last night standing in from of the freezer with the door open naked.  I was hot hot hot let me tell you.  So I will be taking them again starting tonight.  I plan on going home and working out on my wii after I help hubby connect my new stove. 

My eating has been great today and right on track so I am hoping for a good weigh in on Wednesday.  I need 1.6 lbs to get my next 5 lb star and give me a 51 lb loss so keep your fingers crossed.   No eating out for me for lunch this week.  I am going to have to stay on a budget this week so I can buy all of my Thanksgiving supplies up.    I did buy some Turkey link sausage by Jimmy Dean that was already cooked and all you had to do was microwave them.  I had them for breakfast this morning and they were great.  You can have 3 pieces for 3 points so that is not to bad.  I had to share them with my baby Freckles since I brought her to work with me today.  It was raining cats and dogs and she hates to get wet so she came to the office with me today.

Here is yesterdays food journal and I hope everyone has a great day..


Losingmore said...

keep up the good work! got my fingers crossed for you for Wednesday!!