Saturday, November 20, 2010 | By: Debbie

Saturday 11-20-10 Grocery Store hell...

You know it takes a brave person to go to the grocery store on a Saturday morning at Walmart.  I bet every body and their grandmother was at the Walmart in Vicksburg, Ms this morning.  You could not get down the isles to get anything and they were out of a lot of stuff that I needed for my Turkey so I have to go to Kroger on Monday to get a few more things.  People get down right rude and mean with a shopping cart.  They get road rage bad inside the store.  Also the price of groceries have gone sky high and I was surprised what had gone up just since last week.  I spent almost $300 today and most of it is to cook one meal on Turkey day.  I wish I could just get hubby to go to my mothers and then it would be so easy, but nope I have to cook the full course meal with trimmings. 

I am taking Merlin out for a spin in the morning since it is going to be so pretty here tomorrow.  We are suppose to have 78 degree weather tomorrow.  I am looking forward to taking a ride over to the deer camp and back, which is 3 miles round trip.   I am also going to clean up the trailer and get ready for next week.  We will be down here for 4 days starting Wednesday of next week.   I hope to get in a couple of bike rides and some Zumba while I am here. 

Well I am going to read a few posts and head for bed.  I just changed my sheets and took a long hot soak in the bath tub so I am relaxed and ready for bed.   Have a good night..