Friday, November 19, 2010 | By: Debbie

Friday 11-19-10 Movin and groovin.....

Yep I have done a hell of a lot of walking today, and I feel great.  We had a really busy day at work and I had to walk back and forth to the warehouse about 15 times today.  I am at deer camp of course so I can catch up on some posts tonight.  I just got through hooking up my DVD player so I can do some Zumba tonight.  I have 10 lbs to loose by Christmas so I have to get this body moving so I can loose more than 1 lb next week.  I am going to make my weight class after all because our kids are not coming out for Thanksgiving so I am going to drive back to Jackson for my meeting.  I am getting off at lunch though, so I am going home and start some of my cooking and I will go to my meeting and then come to the deer camp after it is over.   I am going to go for a 3 lb loss next week so lets see how I do.   I am consuming some kind of water let me tell you.  I drink 16 oz for breakfast and then I drink a couple of bottles before lunch and that is what I have for lunch.    I also make a lot of trips to the bathroom also. 

Quick up date from my doctor today, I am doing great and my blood pressure is wonderful.  I am loving not having to take any meds. 

Next week is going to be tough on the eating at least for one day anyway.  I have to do all the cooking so I hope to make it through without having to do a lot of tasting.   It is hard not to nibble when you are cooking so much food.  I have to cook a full course meal even though it is just going to be a couple of people coming now.  We will be eating turkey for days after Thanksgiving so I will have to get creative with it. 

Hey I had a great NSV today..  I dropped a pen on the floor under my desk and I got down on my hands and knees and went after it.  I did not have to have any help getting up when I got it either.  I was so pleased with my self over just being able to get down that far and get back up.  I have been working on doing squats and knee bends so that I can bend better.  I got a exercise ball at Walmart and I have been trying to learn to use it also.  No one told me that to stay on this thing would be hard as hell.  This ball is huge and you would think it would be easy to sit on or lay back on.  Yea right, the damn thing keeps shooting out from under me and I have busted my ass several times on it.  I wonder if you could Velcro on it to hold it in place...Hummmmm I may be on to something there. 

Okay as you can see I am in a chatting mood tonight.  Here is yesterday's food journal and I am going to catch up on a few posts and see what every one has been doing this week.  Have a great night...

Oh yes here is a new picture of Freckles sleeping on the couch beside my while I play on my blog..


Lou said...

I've always wondered about the 'mechanics' of those exercise balls haha. You are doing awesome with the water - keep it up (and congrats on the NSV!)! Nice to have company while you type :)

Mrs. Crumpet said...

Hehe wow you have been busy!! I wish you the best of luck on meeting goal. Man it feels so weird because I live in canada and out thanksgiving is in october. I am used to it being in november! I was thinking of trying a balance ball, might have to get one and try it out, we'll have bruises together from fallin ooff the thing lmao!

Take care!
Mrs. Crumpet