Tuesday, October 5, 2010 | By: Debbie

Tuesday 10/05/10 - Leftovers for lunch..

So far today it has been busy, and I just stopped to inhale my food and post for a minute.  I brought leftover catfish from last night and  salad for lunch.  Not to bad and low points.  I did find a couple of watermelons at Walmart Saturday and the one I cut last night was good.  I found some really great apples also, so I am trying other fruit while I go through withdrawals on watermelon. 

I noticed today that my watch is getting loose and it turns around on my arm.  How cool is that..  I will have to get hubby to put another hole in it for me.  Hubby is still not working and money is so damn tight that we are looking at trying to get down to just one place.  We may sell our house next year and move to Port Gibson where our deer camp is.  We have a nice mobile home there and we could live in it and it is paid for.    We are just kind of looking at different options right now.    Being on a diet is expense, due to the fact that I have to buy a lot of fresh foods and my snacks are different then what he eats so my grocery bill has gone up.   It also did not help loosing everything in my freezer a couple of weeks ago.  I do not like the burger that comes from Walmart.  It is like a string when you cook it.  I guess I am just use to deer meat. 

Well as you can tell I am ranting about nothing.  Here is yesterday's food journal..  Have  a good day..


Anonymous said...

Fantastic, girl! Keep it up :) The wrists (and boobs) are always the first to lose lol.

spunkysuzi said...

It is hard but your doing great!!

Angie said...

Hi, I just recently followed a link from another blogger to your blog. :)

I'm also working on decreasing my personal grocery bill. Hubby is also on a different meal plan.

I found that frozen veggies save money becauser thing don't go bad. Steamfresh is flash frozen...pretty healthy, and cheap at Target.

Phil said...

Agree with Angie - Frozen veggies are great, and just as good for you.

It's always nice when clothes (and watch-straps) get loose and we need to adjust them. Nice one.