Sunday, September 5, 2010 | By: Debbie

Sunday 09-05-10 Get my body moving.

I have been trying to stay active today, but I am slowing down some what this afternoon.   As a matter of fact I hear my pillow calling my name for an afternoon nap.   I really never take a nap in the middle of the day, but it sure sounds good.  I got up early this morning and started cleaning up the trailer and cooked breakfast.  It sure is hard to make homemade biscuits and not eat one.  I could actually have one if I wanted it, they only have about 3 points for a small one.  I like the bagel thins though and one of those with a piece of turkey sausage is pretty good for breakfast. 

Okay, I made up my mind about the bike and I ordered it from Walmart this morning.  It will be here next week and I will have it to ride next weekend.  I am going to have my hubby attach a basket for me so I can pickup cans or something.  I intend to plot me a 3 mile trip on the weekends and ride 3 miles at least once each day.  I know that 3 miles is not very far on a bike, but I have not been on a bike for several years so I need to get use to it.  I figure I can pack me a water bottle and a snack and ride some and park and walk so far one way and pick up cans and walk back to the bike.   Picking up cans is my way of doing the green thing for good old mother earth, plus you can get money for them.  I will post a picture of my toy when it gets here for everyone to see.  I will also pack my camera when I go for rides and take some pictures of the country.  We have a nice military park here on the Mississippi river.  It will take me a while to get to where I can ride that far.  I think it is about 8 miles or so from where we are, so I will have to work up to it.

Since I talk about deer camp so much I thought I would post a couple of pictures of our trailer and let everyone see how I have to rough it.  Here is a couple of pictures of our trailer and where we spend our weekends for the next 7 months.

So as you can see we are really roughing it at deer camp.  Actually we are not at deer camp it is down the road about 3 miles.  We own 40 acres and a mobile home that we stay at during deer season.  It is almost as good as being at home, but not quite.  I really like it a lot better since we got the Internet and I can now keep up with my blog on the weekend. 

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Diana said...

You're going to LOVE biking! It's the most fun exercise in the world. I totally love it.

I can't wait to see your pictures of your excursions.

Deer camp? Actually, that sounds kind of fun. Country, away from the crowds and the city. I think I'd really enjoy it. I guess just be sure to wear an orange vest if you go walking in the woods!

Lou said...

Thanks for posting the pics. Look forward to hearing how the biking goes for you. It's gradually getting less painful for my butt after 4 rides but the first 10 minutes is does pass thankfully!

oh_mg said...

I used to take walks and pick up cans with my family when I lived with them on the East Coast. It was good exercise, good for the environment, and we got some loose change out of it! Now I live in Chicago, where they don't do bottle deposits - a darn shame, too, because I think it really encourages people not to litter, or if they still do, there's incentive [besides knowing it's the right thing to do!] for someone else to pick it up.

Potato Diva said...

Congratulations on taking the step toward riding the biking full-time. I like the flat screen tv and Internet at your deer camp. My idea of roughing it too.