Monday, August 30, 2010 | By: Debbie

Monday 08-30-10

I finally got a few minutes to eat my lunch and relax.  We are down to just me in the office and it is tough.  I got home from deer camp yesterday and clean house and did not get time to walk on my treadmill like I thought.  I have to get my routine going with being gone on the weekends and everything.  I was lazy this morning also, and I should be ashamed.  I did not get up when the clock went off this morning to walk.  I will go home and walk today though and try and figure out how to get everything on a schedule with deer camp.   

I did do really well on my eating this weekend as you can see my by food journals.  I hope to have a good weigh in this week.  I am happy with a pound a week.  Lunch today was a ham sandwich with a pickle and lite chips.  My one and only diet coke everyday and a Weight Watchers Brownie.

As you can see I like to cut my sandwich up in small pieces.  The pickle is homemade dill and the chips are those new ruffles that are only 1 point per ounce.    My sweet treat is my Weight Watchers 2 point brownie and it is great.  Perfect lunch and filling.

I have on a pair of Capri's today that I could not even get up over my hips a couple of months ago.  I am so proud of the way my clothes are getting to big and ones that were to small fit.  I tried them on last night and when I could get them up I did my little dance around the bedroom.  Needless to say I am not a good dancer and I probably look like a chicken, but I do not care.  I now have a box marked clothes to big to give away. 

Okay one last thing before I go, I purchased a grilling basket this weekend at Home depot and last night for supper I grilled White fish.  Not catfish this time, we are branching out and trying other fish.  I sprayed it with olive oil spray and put lemon pepper on it.  It was wonderful, I fixed green beans to go with it and some Chicken rice that my husband likes.  I can only have a 1/2 cup of this rice, but it is good. 

Okay I am going to read a few posts and back to work.  Have a great day..


Allan said...

Grill basket, Yeah !!

Polar's Mom said...

Hi Debbie, I honestly have no idea how to add people as favorites from my page-I'm not that technically gifted! ;-)

That is great that you got a grill basket! I love cooking stuff on the grill (especially stinky fish) during the summer. I really like cooking chicken fajitas on the grill during the summer. Chicken strips, bell peppers, onions, lime juice, water, and a tad of dry low sodium fajita seasoning. Everything soaks up the lime and seasoning but it kind of poaches itself in the water. I do it all in a pouch made from aluminum foil! Thought I'd throw that your way in case you like Mexican food! I really miss it on my diet, but I just add a bit of fresh salsa and that meal is really healthy and quick!.

As for exercising in the morning...girl, you wouldn't catch me dead doing that. Trust me I would LOVE to and have tried morning workouts, but I ALWAYS make excuses in favor of sleeping. SO...I have resigned myself to afternoon workouts, catch up on my Tivo-ed TV programming that I like. Anywho, thanks for coming to my blog, come on back anytime!!

Polar's Mom

Lanie Painie said...

You're doing great. Keep up the good work!