Friday, May 14, 2010 | By: Debbie

All Work No Play

You ever feel like all you do is work, or that you are your job?   Crazy huh, I dream about my job at night.    I need a vacation or a few days off that do not involve where I work.   I am an office manager for a Gate and fence company and we also do High End Security for Military bases.   To say that I have a stressful job is putting it mildly.   The reason I am bringing all this up is that this is where my eating comes in.  When I have a really stressful day like the last couple of days, I want chocolate.     We are cutting back in our office and I am having to lay off Lorie, who is my walking partner for a couple of months.    Someone just email me a snickers bar or something.... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I was wondering how everyone else deals with stress and what you do.  Yoga, reading or whatever.  I would like to know, so please send me some ideas.   I am staying on course pretty good and I hope to reach my 260 lb goal this Monday.   They should make a pill that would cure this craving for chocolate when I am stressing.    A pill that would make me crave something else,  like maybe sex or lettuce..    I know I am rambling, but this seems to help when I am stressed is to pour it all out to my blogger buddies.    I think when I get to busy to post is when I get really stressed out.   Oh well, as my grandmother always says little girl pull your self together no one said life was going to be a cake walk.  

Here is the update on my latest trip to physical therapy.  I went yesterday for an hour and he really worked my knee.  I was sore when I got through and was giving him a really hard look.   You know this reminds me of a blog that I read a while back about a personal trainer.   This physical therapist was really cute when I started this thing, but now I would like to hit him with the weight machine.  I will have to give him credit though it is helping so I will wait to hit him for a while.

Everyone have a great weekend....


Karen@WaistingTime said...

I had an epiphany a few months ago during a very stressful time of family crisis. I craved exercise! It really helped with temporary stress relief.

Certifiably Fit said...

I sometimes feel like all I am is my job...doesn't help that I live where I work so a large part of my "job" invades all parts of my life.

How do I deal with it?
-Take time away
-Get involved in activities that are not work related
-Have friends outside of the job.
-Take time for me everyday

Patrick said...

Stress, hmmm, I usually deal with it head on to be honest. I hate the feeling like something else has control and is applying stress so I usually work harder at it and fix it. But not all situations can be dealt with that way as we don’t control everything as much as we'd like to. I don't bring my work stress home with me. For whatever reason I am one of those that can shut it off when I leave work and not think about it again until I get there the next day. Not everyone can do that, not sure why I can. My wife is the opposite, she will bring it home and fret over it and let it bring her time at home down. Not sure there is a remedy to that, it is who she is. Your Grandma's advice seems to be the best to be offered. Whatever it is that stresses you; what can you do to make it better? Good to hear the physical therapy is working for you!
Take care, have a good weekend

Corletta said...

I also eat when I am stressed; however, I am learning to exercise, read, or hang out with friends!

Jenni said...

For stress, I do anything that keeps my hands busy to keep me away from food, like painting my nails, crocheting, gardening, laundry. I'm a stress eater so I really struggle with this also. Take Care!