Monday, April 12, 2010 | By: Debbie

No place like Home

Well we are back from Atlanta, and seeing our children and grandchildren.  It is a fun place to visit, but to many people for me.  I think I would love being able to have so many stores so close, but to many people.  We had a great time and our grandchildren were great.  It was my husband's birthday and our anniversay all rolled into one so it was fun.

Now to the bad part, I really blew it on my eating this weekend.  We went out to eat and me and my daughter inlaws went to lunch and shopping for baby stuff.  We went to Olive Garden and everyone who has ever eat at Olive Garden knows the bread is to die for.   Well that just started me on a down hill spiral all weekend.  Then my daughter inlaw makes chocolate suprise, and oh boy was it good.  I did not lose a pound this week, but at least I did not gain either.  I am back on my diet full force today though, and I just got back from walking after lunch.  It is starting to get really hot out here so I will have to start walking at the mall from now on.  It does not look good to come back from walking and be sweaty all day.

I love my hubby very much, but when we go on  these long driving trips, I end up driving most of the way.  He gets so sleepy that I can not even close my eyes or he will run off the road and it scares the hell out of me.  So I drove all the way out there except the last 50 miles, because I get lost in Atlanta.   On the way home he gets me to the interstate and I drive the rest of the way home.  Which I normally do not mind except this weekend I did not sleep good and I was so sleepy when we left.  I drove almost to meridian which is just across the state line in Mississippi and I made him drive the rest of the way home so I could take a nap.  Would you belive as soon as I closed my eyes he starts talking to me.    So no nap for me. 

It was so good to get home to see my babies,  I do not like leaving my dogs that long.  My friend Lorie came over and checked on them for me and she will pet and love on them for a little while so that was good. 

Well I am off to read some of the blogs I have missed while I have been gone.  I hope everyone had a good weekend.


WaistingTime said...

My philosophy is that any vacation without a weight gain is a success!

M said...

At least you didn't gain! Trips can be hard.