Monday, March 8, 2010 | By: Debbie

Weekend Blues

Well I am glad the weekend is over and I can get back on some kind of schedule.  My husband was in the house all day Saturday and Sunday sick with a cold.  Men are such babies, I have the same cold, yet I cook, clean and do laundry.  He drove me crazy, baby would you fix me something to drink, baby would you get me a blanket.  I finally ask him to go and get back in the bed so I could at least cleanup the living room.  Goodness...

I did great on my eating on Saturday and I walked, went to the grocery store.  I had a hamburger from Sonic for lunch though, but no mayo, I had mustard instead and no fries.  I boiled some chicken Saturday night and put some rice into it, sort of like a soup and it was pretty good.  My husband liked it anyway.  Food takes on a new form for me since I have been on a diet.  I look at every label and try and find things that I like that are lower in calories or fat.  Counting points is working out okay, I like weight watchers online pretty good, but I am thinking about trying the meetings.  I think it would be great to have support from other people in person who are going through what I am going through.   As you can see I have said nothing about what happen sunday with my eating.  Here is why..


I woke up eating, first thing I fixed was eggs and sausage with toast.  I ate a fried egg and 2 pcs of sausage and a piece of toast.  Then I had some fruit later on and a WW ice cream sandwich.  Okay this does not sound to bad huh... Now for the doughnuts, I ate 2 doughnuts you know the chocolate covered ones.  Then I had a hotdog for lunch.  My stomach was on some kind of feed me kick.  I got it back together though and finished out with baked chicken and lima beans for supper.  I did not gain any weight and I have actually lost another 1 lb this week.  Just one of those days I guess..  I am back on track to day and will get my walking in at lunch so I can keep those scales happy...

I did get my room so I can use my wii fit and it was great I hoola hooped and did the walking steps, which is hard by the way.  You have to walk in time to the wii and step off and on the board when it tells you too.  I have two left feet so I do not do to good.  I am learning though.  It really has some neat exercises on it and you can do it inside your home.  It keeps up with my weight
and when I exercise. 


Lisa said...

We all have days like that but you know you can bouce right back. :)

- Lisa

Andrea@CeleryITCity said...

at least you bounced back! that's what counts! :)