Thursday, February 4, 2010 | By: Debbie

Good Day

Well I had a great day yesterday, I went home and did not sit down in front of the TV.  I cleaned my kitchen, did a load of laundry and worked on my exercise room.  My son came by with our grandbaby Isaac who is is almost 8 months old and he is the apple of his nana's eye let me tell you.

This was taken at holloween and he is just a cutie pie.  Well enough bragging about having a cute grandson.

I worked on my exercise room which is just one of our extra bedrooms that I took the bed out of.  It is going to be kind of small I think the room is only 10 x 10 but that is okay.   I put a 32" tv on the dresser and I am going to hook my wii up to it this afternoon.  I hope to start with 30 min a night of exercise and work my way up.   I walked at the office yesterday and it seem to give me more entergy in the afternoon.    I am looking for some kind of exercise chart that I could put on the wall if anyone has any idea's let me know.

My eating also went well yesterday, I joined Sparkpeople which is a great free site and I am keeping up with my food journal and my weight and exercise there.  I seem to do really well if I focus on my eating.  Well gotta run...