Thursday, January 28, 2010 | By: Debbie

Skinny person in training.

I am a skinny person in training, and that is the way I am going to start thinking of myself.  I also am going to start to think exercise, exercise, exercise.  30 min. a day is what I am going to aim for and I will keep a chart on this blog to keep up with it.  I have done good so far this week and I hope to see the results on the scales Sunday.

I think to be a skinny person or slim person you have to have the will power of king kong and the  stomach of an ant.  I can smell food and get hungry.  My stomach has a mind of its own and even though I am not hungry it has other ideas.  You know when you have had a good meal and you get ready to leave the resturant and you smell something that smells awsome and you think god that smells good GIVE ME A BITE...  well folks that is your stomach talking to you.  Now skinny people they don't talked to their stomachs, because their stomachs speak spanish or something.   I am a redneck and my stomach speaks redneck just fine. 

Wish me luck on the exercise and tell my stomach to hush....


Anonymous said...

lol lol lol............i soooooooooooo know what you mean...........but i love salads and would eat them all day IF somebody would make them for