Thursday, March 1, 2012 | By: Debbie

Thursday March 1, 2012 - Spring is in the Air...

OMG it is one gorgeous day here, with the sun shining and everything.  I love this time of year when everything is blooming.  I went for a walk at lunch and it was pretty nice outside, not to hot or to cold.  Walking at lunch is nice, but it will not last to much longer due to the heat.  I am thinking about going to the local fitness club and walking at lunch or going swimming on my lunch hour.  I will have to check into how much it cost though.

I have done pretty good on my eating today and staying on track.  It seems to be harder this time though then it was last summer.  I know it is just me though. 

Here again I have had a busy day and no time to get in a good post.

Have a great evening.


Jo said...

It will get easier once you find your routine. I know you can do it. You did it before and I watched you. You inspired me with all that walking and bike riding. You know what to do. With the weather improving, I think we both can get our butts moving. Lord knows I need to.

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Every post is a good post. :)