Wednesday, February 29, 2012 | By: Debbie

Wednesday Feb. 29, 2012 - Keeping a food journal..

So far so good on staying on track, although I am not having any luck with starting my walking.  I got home yesterday and time I got supper cooked and did a load of laundry it was time for my bath and a few minutes to chill out.  I guess I am going to have to come in and walk first, or start my supper and make a lap and check on it.  My driveway is 1150 feet long so I could walk one lap and come through the kitchen and check on supper.  The best thing would be to get hubby to watch it for me.  He is pretty good about helping with things lately.  I am working a second job right now helping out an old boss and I do not get home till late on Wednesday night so he starts supper. 

Well back to the title of my post today.  I started writing down what I eat and drink again last week and so far it has really helped me see what I am eating. 

Here is yesterday's menu

2 boiled eggs
1 small piece hoop cheese
diet coke

100 calorie pack almonds dry roasted
2 oz hoop cheese
diet coke

Hamburger on 80 calorie bun w/mayo and 1 slice of cheese
Sweet potato fries - 1 serving
Lite peaches

3/4c white rice w/1 tbs gravy
2 pcs deer steak fried
1 cup green beans w/1 tbs butter and onions

Sugar free jello
lite cool whip

I am not snacking in between meals or going back for seconds.  I only allow my self lite snacks like almonds or a piece of string cheese and some fruit.

I will know on how I am doing when I weigh-in on my Wii this weekend. 

Well I have to get back to work.  Have a great afternoon.


The Path Traveled said...

Yea Debbie! I'm so proud of you! Your doing really great...
Did you see the journal room post last week?

You will have to copy in past to see it.
Whats your user name on there? I am Bah1955. Are you getting around in there ok? If you need help, please just ask. Or email me. Or ask in the journal room and lots of people will chime in.
Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Great job! Good to "see" you!