Monday, January 16, 2012 | By: Debbie

Monday January 16, 2012 - Total loss of control..

Well I have not stuck to my resolution to post everyday, and I can blame that on several things.  One I have no Internet at home, two I am lazy or just willing to take the time.  Well number three is the winner with the fact that I have lost all control over my eating and can not seem to get back on track.  I have got to get a grip and start walking again and do something to get my weight back under control.  I do not have any energy again and my clothes do not fit like I would like them.  I lay in bed every night and tell myself that tomorrow is the day that I am going to walk at lunch and stay within my points.  I rejoined Weight Watchers before Christmas and I did good my first week, but then through the holidays I blew it.  Now I have not been in two weeks.  I am going back this week and face the music and just start over again.

I am hoping that posting on my blog again will motivate me to get back on track and back to my exercise and walking.  I really do miss my blog and being busy at work is not excuse, cause I could work on it after lunch or first thing in the morning. 

Lets hope today is a good day on my eating and I will try and get some exercise in this afternoon.  Have a great day.


The Path Traveled said...

You can do this! Think of it this way...You want to be healthy and this time next year you will feel and look great. Walk the halls, or outside, or the stair case at lunch. Get back on your bike you love after work. Reset your mind in a positive way and balance your meals. You can do this!

Anonymous said...

You can do it! The first step is believing you can then you'll be achieving it before you know it.


Tim said...

Start setting yourself small easy goals to achieve.

Write them down so you can see them everyday and slowly start to work through them and then set yourself slightly harder goals and so on.

You can do this!

Enz said...

Welcome back!!! Take one day at a time. You know how to do this.

Lou said...

Yes, welcome back - have missed your honest posts :). I remember when you first got your bike - it was around the same time as me and I was always keen to see how you went. I empathise with your current situ - feel like I'm in a similar space. Tracked for the first time in ages yesterday and went for a ride for the first time in over a year. I feel great mentally even if my butt is super sore so it was so worth it! Hope you hang in with us :)