Tuesday, May 24, 2011 | By: Debbie

Tuesday May 24, 2011 - Energy level is up and feeling great..

I have not got to post on my blog since last Thursday, cause we have been so busy at work and not having Internet at home.  We are working on a website for our office and I was tied up with it yesterday so I thought I would take a few minutes and get a post in this morning.    I am getting my energy back and I am feeling more like my old self when I first started to lose weight.  I clean my house from top to bottom this weekend and had my mother and her fellow over for supper Sunday night.  Now that is a whole other story to get into later.

I finally got my pool set up and all the leaks fixed in it.  Can you belive that  new pool would have 2 leaks in the liner to start with, but it is up now and I put the chemicals in it yesterday.  I am so excited that I will be able to go swimming this weekend if the weather is good.  I hope it stays pretty for the the long weekend.  I love swimming and it is good exercise and easy on the bones also.   I did my 20 min. exercise with the kettle ball last night and tonight is wii night.  I did some Zumba this weekend and with cleaning the house I had my back hurting  when I got through. 

My eating has been great this weekend and I should show another loss this week.  Although all I can do is wait for the weigh-in cause my scales are always a little different then the scales at my meeting. 

I have a birthday coming up in June and I will be 52 years old and I wonder when in the hell did I get so old.   I can remember when I could get on my knees and scrub my floor or clean my bathroom and it was no problem.  I bathed my dog Freckles this weekend in the bathtub and I thought hubby was going to have to come and get me back up and then I could not straighten up for a few minutes.    I am going to start doing some stretching exercises and see if I can get more limber.   It is worth a try don't you think.


The Path Traveled said...

Wow, to be 52 again! Did I just say that? I feel so old at 56 and I am always wondering how I got so old and caught up with my parents. Lol!
Way to go on staying focused and on track!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I'm glad you are back on track and feeling so well, Debby. I hope you have a great weigh in this weeks. Careful with those dog baths. I have trouble getting up from my knees too. I've been trying to lay outside in the sun on my stomach and it is ridiculously hard for me to get up. It just shows how out of shape I am.

Tim said...

52?!?! You're not a day over 21 Debbie! Good luck with the weigh!

Wendy said...

shut up you aren't old! your awesome for being a june baby though! the boy is a june baby...he was born on the 30th which might i also add was his due date! nener nener nener l&d nurse who swore no baby is born on their due date, she kept telling me this the whole time i was in labor.
sorry your back is hurting though. have you tried some of that tylenol precise? that stuff is awesome...well the cream is. if we were neighbors i would run you a tube over. but according to my son it "smells like grandaddy". which i will take over hurting:)

can't wait to hear about your mom and her fellow:)

Anonymous said...

Stretching is always helpful, it's great to see you getting your energy back, make sure that you are doing the things you love. Exercise is all about enjoying it, not doing it because you have to. The main goal of exercise is to get stronger, improve your endurance and ultimately your health.. The food is where the weightloss comes from...