Monday, April 4, 2011 | By: Debbie

Monday April 4th, 2011 - Macaroni and Cheese...

Now this is one hell of a title I know and I bet everyone is wondering what in the hell I am writing about macaroni and cheese for.  Well I never cook mac & cheese for a couple of reasons, #1 I love it and I mean love it and can eat the whole pot.  #2 It is very high in points and carbs.  So what did hubby want last night with his deer burger???  You guessed it mac & cheese, so being the good wife that I am I fixed it for him and did okay with my portion of it... for a while...    Yep, when I went to clean up I had the rest of the mac & cheese.  It was only a cup, but still can you believe that I did that.  I still can not believe that I did something so stupid.  It was like every time I walked by the stove it was calling my name.  It still goes to show you that being on a diet is work and I mean hard work and will power from hell.  I am going to walk this afternoon when I get home and then work on my floor.   I had to use some of my weekly points to cover for me not being able to control myself over the mac & cheese.  Oh well another day.

Great breakfast this morning for me.  I had a bagel thin with sugar free jelly and 2 pcs of turkey sausage.  I am pretty consistent in what I will eat for breakfast in the mornings unless I have more time to cook.   I am loving the fact that it is getting to be time for watermelons and I have got a couple of good ones this week.  I also got some really great looking grapes at Walmart this week so I have plenty of fruit for my snack everyday.   Some one pointed out that I do not eat a lot of veggies and I take it by spells and eat a lot some weeks.  My food depends on what hubby wants and I try and fix my meals around him.  We are on a pretty tight budget right now so I can not afford to prepare to separate meals.  Seems like money is always the topic of conversation every where these days. 

Well here is yesterdays food journal and I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Oh and just for kicks here is a picture of my boss's car..  I would almost kill for this car.


Karen Butler Ogle said...

I can't keep mac and cheese in the house for the same reason, Debbie. The stuff is addictive to me with all that white flour pasta. I think in the future I would buy the individual serving mac and cheese cups and let hubby indulge alone. I do better when I don't have even a bite of trigger food than I do with trying to be moderate. Good luck!

Tim said...

You wrote: "I had a bagel thin with sugar free jelly and 2 pcs of turkey sausage."

I read it as "I had a bagel thin with sugar free jello and 2 pcs of turkey sausage." which sounds horrible!! LOL

I keep forgetting that Jelly in America is Jam in England and Jelly in England is Jello in America.

Jo said...

When I have to cook it, I fix a Lean Cuisine or Smart Ones individual serving for me. Works every time. Although you said you don't fix 2 different meals, just a suggestion.

The Path Traveled said... car!
Second....Mac and cheese, I only like home box stuff. But I never make it because it is high in sodium
third....Your doing so good even if ya did get zoned out by the mac and cheese.

Nemie said...

Good for me, I don't cook at home so my mother do that and she is somehow strict with what I eat so I don't get tempted to eat mac and cheese, but I swear missed it!


Natalia said...

I love Mac and cheese! :) Good for you for counting it! :) That's what your WP's are for.