Wednesday, March 9, 2011 | By: Debbie

Wednesday 03-09-11 - Time to weigh in..

I am ready for this weigh in and I am hoping for at least a pound gone this week.  I have done pretty good about getting back on track this week and I am in the progress of taking control of my house.  I love my grandson and I do not mind helping him, but it is time for him to grow up and take control of his life.  I am going to clean out my exercise room this weekend and get where I can get to my treadmill and my wii again.  He has set up house in my exercise room because of the extra TV and I want it back.  I am ready to start my walking program again and I have drained the pool getting it ready for summer.  I am looking forward to summer this year and being able to swim every day. 

Food is a whole new subject for me and I have started to cook like I did before the kids came and it is great.  Hubby is fine with it and likes all the food cooked on the grill again.  He is cooking hamburgers tonight on the grill for me while I am at my Weight Watchers class.   I did not get to post yesterday because we do not have internet at the new office so I came by the old office this morning to get in a post early.  I will do my best to catch up this weekend on what everyone is doing.  We are going to deer camp this weekend to check on everything and I have internet there. 

Well got to get to work here is Monday's and yesterdays food journal.  Have a great day.


amandakiska said...

Great job getting back on track.