Wednesday, September 1, 2010 | By: Debbie

Wednesday -09/01/10

Boy it seems like my weigh in date comes around faster and faster.  I am hoping for another loss this week.  So far I have not had a gain, and only one week with no loss or gain.  I feel like I have done really well this week, but I will wait and see.    Weight Watchers is working out really great for me and I can stay with it pretty good. 

Exercise is going okay, I got up and walked this morning and I really enjoy it.  I do not have much time in the afternoon anymore to walk, with getting home late.  I am wearing my tennis shoes to work and walking as much as possible.   I am thinking about getting a new pedometer so I can see how much I am walking.  I am still doing the wii several nights and I will probably start doing it every night again.  I can do it and cook at the same time because I can pause it and come back.   Exercise must become an important part of my life just like counting points.  I am going to purchase me a big cheap ball this weekend from Walmart to use to stretch with.   

I have a list here of things that I am noticing that are fitting better since I have lost weight or that are easier for me to do.  I would like to hear from all of you with your list of things that has gotten easier...

1.  Tie my damn shoes - no more Velcro's
2.  Shave my legs
3.  My seat belt in my car fits better
4.  Wedding rings fit.
5.  I can fit into a booth in a restaurant

Well that is my list of 5 things that have gotten easier. 

Here is yesterday's food journal...


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Wow Debbie! I've been on "vacation" from blogging for a while, so I am just seeing the changes you've made to your blog. Wonderful! It sounds like things are really going well for you :)

I LOVE your list of things that are easier to do's the little things that mean a lot sometimes.

I would say the main thing that has gotten easier for me is simply moving...going up and down stairs, getting up from sitting, bending over...I'm just not in my own way as much. And I still notice and appreciate those things everyday!

Lanie Painie said...

I can actually put shoes on now without grunting! Tie them too!

Polar's Mom said...

Let's see...What is easier:
1. Thinking-I feel sharper minded-maybe I had too much fat in my brain? Haha
2. Fastening my bra in the back
3. Cleaning the house

Lou said...

Love the list and 2 thumbs up for all the walking (AND enjoying it!). For me - my knees don't hurt so much and sitting in the car is a lot more comfortable. :0)

Michele said...

For me: it is that I am increasing my stamina. I can walk longer- a good 2 miles and bike farther (so far up to about 15 miles). My clothes are looser, too. Michele