Tuesday, September 28, 2010 | By: Debbie

Tuesday 09-28-10 Blogger Award Lazy

I need to apologize to the people who have given me blogger awards and I have not passed them on.  I received another one this week and I should be ashamed that I have not said thank you or passed it on.  So Mensa thank you for my blogger award and I will pass it on this weekend.  I have made me a note and stuck it on my food journal to pass on the last three that I have received.  I love getting them and I will pass them to someone who does deserve them.  I am proud of each and every blog award and I promise to pass them on this weekend.

Supper last night was great, hubby had baby backs on the grill when I got home and he only put meat tenderizer and worschire sauce on them.  I sprayed them with some olive oil spray and they were great.  I could have 3 and with my salad it was plenty.  It is so funny to think back about how many of the baby backs I use to eat.  I could eat at least half the slab or more.  Cover them in BBQ sauce and some homemade mash taters and lord I was in heaven.  Oh yes and lets do not forget the french toast or rolls.    We are both eating a whole lot healthier and we love it.  We are putting just about everything on the grill these days or baking it. 

I am going to go and read a few posts before I have to go back to work.  Everyone have a great day and here is yesterdays food journal...:)


Karla said...

you are one watermelon eating gal!!! LOL :)

Anonymous said...

We had baby backs last night too! And yes, I used to eat at least 1/2 a rack, slathered in sauce, taters, and loads of bread....my how we've changed!!

Patrick said...

Huh, hubby had baby backs on the grill... I dont see any picturs? Doesnt your grill come with a camera? Please give my eyes something to look at. I'm looking at your blog award, congrats, but I dont waqnt to eat it. Ribs! Please?

Have Fun!

Allan said...

Pork tenderloin. One and slice then cut into strips that are the same size and width of a baby back. Put on grill and cook until almost done then baste with the BBQ sauce, same as your hubby made ribs. Without looking at a calorie counter I know in my head you will be able to enjoy twice as many of these mock ribs, no waste, same taste, and less calories for ya.,..Try it..And by the way, you are Awesome

spunkysuzi said...

Congratulations on the award!