Tuesday, September 7, 2010 | By: Debbie

Tuesday 09-07-10

It is back to the daily grind again this morning.  I am having to do the work of at least 2 people.  We use to have 3 people in our office and now it is just me.  I am going pretty crazy today.  You have heard the expression it will drive you to drink, well this may drive me to eat.  My stress level is somewhere around Mars about now.  I love my job and I have a great job, but sometimes I want to just crawl in my car and go home.   Not today though because with my hubby home and not working this is not going to happen. 

Tomorrow is weigh in again and I am looking forward to it.  It is sort of like getting a prize every week.  I am hoping to have lost at least 2 lbs, that is what I need to get me next star.  If I lose 2 lbs this week I am within 5 lbs of having lost 10% of my body weight.  I thought about all the blogs I read where people have lost 25, 30 even 100 lbs and you know that is a lot of weight.  I use things to measure how much weight is.  For example I went to Walmart and brought a 40lb bag of dog food and I was give out time I got it in the car.   So no wonder I feel better, I am not carrying around 33 lbs anymore.   I also have a few more things that are getting better since I have lost weight.

1. My wedding rings fit again.
2. The seat belt in my car stays in place.
3. I can get in and out of the bath tub easier.

My lunch time is over, what there was of it.  Here is yesterday's food journal.


Allan said...
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Allan said...

Let me type slowly
Compare week one and two and today with your food choices.. I am impressed at your success !!!

Tanya said...

Fantastic progress!

Sometimes it's the smaller things that make everything worthwhile. Keep it up!

Thunder Thigh Bride said...

Isn't amazing when you find something that is easier because you've lost weight. It's like a big ole light bulb goes off!
You are doing so well with your eating! Keep it up!

Potato Diva said...

Congratulations on your non-scale victories. They really show up in the darnedest places. Love the seatbelt one. Keep up the good work.

Karla said...

girl you are kicking some bootie!!! great job!! and eating over work stress just isn't worth it!! You are doing a great job, how's the treadmilling going?

M said...

Congrats on the ring! That's a big deal to me too!

mensa said...

Debbie, new reader here. Keep some low point items around for when you're about ready to jump ship. You're doing so well and I know your weigh-in today will probably give you some additional motivation. Hope you get that prize!