Sunday, September 12, 2010 | By: Debbie

Saturday 09-12-10 My first long bike ride..

Wow did I push myself today.  I got up this morning and ate a pretty healthy breakfast, I even added a fried egg this morning.  Got everything cleaned up and ready to go home and I was off on my bike.  I rode all the way to deer camp and back..  I am so proud of me and my legs and butt is sore let me tell you.  I was sweating when I got to deer camp and lucky hubby was there with the truck and ice chest.  I got a bottle of water from him and it was goooooood..   I know I should have take water, but I did not know I was going to ride that far.  It is a very beautiful day and I am going to stop and take pictures on my way home of where I rode to so you guys can see how pretty everything is.  It is still lush and green right now and very pretty.   I added a picture of Merlin and me to my home page on my blog so everyone can see.    I am on the move and getting my body moving is the answer to getting me where I can walk further. 

I want to thank Shannon for my blogger award and I would like to give it to several people myself.  I am going to make a list and try and get this done tomorrow at lunch.  Here are the ten things though that she ask me to put that I like.

1.  The smell of a puppy's breath.
2.  Watching Star Trek with out my husband wanting to change channels.
3.  My Aunt Nita's chicken and dumplings.
4.  Seeing my mother so happy
5.  Watermelon and more watermelon
6.  Sex in the morning
7.  Curling up next to hubby in a bad storm
8.  Riding in my car with the sun roof open listening to Led Zeppelin
9.  Spending time with my sisters
10.  All four of my grandchildren.

My likes are simple and easy.   I wish to thank Shannon for the blogger award and I love it.    Here is yesterdays food journal.  I almost cheated for the first time yesterday, my only saving grace was that I still had plenty of points left.  Hubby came in with some homemade cookies and I ate two of them.  I guessed these to be about 3 points each.  OMG they were wonderful, but two is all I ate and the rest are going home with him in the truck.    Have a great day


spunkysuzi said...

You have had a great week! Love the bike and good for you on getting out already today.
Love your list of things you like!!
Have a great week.

Midori Mighty Warrior said...

Hi Debbie: Great job on the bike ride and eating well!

I have an award for you too (Cherry on Top), if you'd like, please visit my page.

Lou said...

Yay for the bike ride! Well done :)

mensa said...

Good looking bike. Glad you found a form of exercise you really enjoy. I think that's key.

Puppy breath ... mmmmm????