Monday, July 12, 2010 | By: Debbie

Amazing Weekend

I did good, real good let me tell everyone on my last three days of WW.  I am so proud of me.  I only got in about 30 min of wii Friday night and no exercise to speak of on Saturday, unless you call going to the grocery store and cleaning house exercise.   I am attaching all three days of my food diary for everyone to see and keep up with how I am doing.   I can not do this with out the support of all my blogger buddies.   My family is giving me a lot of support also, my husband has been wonderful about it.   Wednesday's weigh in will tell the story though. 

Well here is my diary for last Friday 07-10-10.

I could take extra points for exercising, but I am going to try and not do that.  I am also only drinking one diet coke a day starting today.  I brought me some water to work so we will see how I do.

As you can see Saturday went really well.  I did not exercise like I said, but I stayed busy all day doing other things.   I ate watermelon all day though and I paid for it that night.  Lots of trips to the bathroom.  

Sunday was a wonderful day.   I stayed within my points and pretty much ate what I wanted all day.  I cleaned my pool and than I swam back and forth for about 45 min.  Which is about 75 laps in an 18 ft pool.  I love swimming though and it was hot so the water felt really good.   I then went in and mop my floors and finish cleaning my house.   Our youngest son and his wife came over and brought our grandson who is now walking and pointing at everything.  

Hey if anyone has any ideas on what I am eating and any alternatives please let me know.  I am always interested in something better especially on breakfast.   Okay I have to go and catch up on all the posts that I missed this weekend.  Have a great day everyone.


Allan said...

I would love to talk about your food, but not here. Email at The points are great, and you are in line, but there are silly points here and there that could be better spent...

Patrick said...

Looks like a nice string of good days there, good for you!

Lori Ann said...

The swim sounds fabulous. It was a great way to reward yourself for eating well and getting all of those chores done.

Great job on your first recomitt!

Jo said...

You are doing great! Hope your weigh-in goes well.

You should take Allan up on his offer to talk about food. Some of your best info can come from others who have "been there."

Thunder Thigh Bride said...

Looks like you're doin pretty good! Keep it up!
BTW housework always counts as exercise in my book. ;)

Lanie Painie said...

Swimming is the BEST, isn't it? It works all of your muscles and burns fat without putting a lot of stress on your joints. I love it. Do you swim alone? I believe in the buddy system so I have to convince hubby to go with me this week since daughter is away at camp.

The only food suggestion I have is mustard instead of mayo, especially since you're already having eggs earlier in the day. But if you don't like mustard, then do whatever it takes to make the sandwich enjoyable for you.

Keep up the good work!

Vickie said...

I feels so good to know you're doing well on plan, doesn't it!? Congratulations on a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

More veggies!