Tuesday, March 16, 2010 | By: Debbie

Diet, Bad shoes, food and sore feet.

Hell of a title huh....   Well to start with I feel like I have been on a diet for my whole life.  You know what I mean from the baby bottle to the scale.  I am doing good, but sometimes it would be nice to just sit down to a meal and not think about it or try and think how much I will gain if I eat this.    I would love to just go face first in a Pizza today, so you can see where my mind is today.  In the food gutter....   I cooked taco's last night and I only ate two of them, which is really plenty.  We had to eat soft ones because I open the pack and all the hard shells were broken, which can really piss me off.  Anyway I brought the leftover taco meat into the office with me and mixed it with a snack size mac and cheese for lunch and had a diet coke.  I also went and walked a mile at lunch and that was pretty cool. 

Now onto my feet, I am into my third pair of shoes.  This last pair my sister sent me and again the right shoe fits perfect, but the left shoe gives me fits.  The walking socks are helping though.  I ended up popping the blister on my left heel on this walk today.  I am going to put a bandaid on it from now on until I find the right shoes.  My husband says if I keep up the walking we will go to Fleet Feet and have me fitted for a pair for my birthday.  I am going to make him stick to that, and my birthday is in June so I am going to have to just make do until then.   I love walking though, it seems to be the perfect way to exercise for me.  I can go over all kind of stuff in my mind if I am walking by myself or if Lorie is walking with me we talk about stuff.  I really like it better when she walks with me though it makes the time go by faster.   Thanks for all the comments about my 5K, I have another one this weekend during St. Paddy's and I will post the results for it.

Okay, I am into day 5 of the Simply Weight loss plan, and right on schedule Amy from Simply Weight loss called me and ask me how I am doing.  I would like to clear up a few things though.  My sister told me when I started this that I would lose 50 lbs in 6 weeks.  That is not correct, they promote a healthy weight loss and with luck and exercise I hope to lose between 20 and 25 lbs during that six weeks.  I take severel supplements at meals and a couple before I go to bed.  I am feeling better and seem to have more entergy.  Like I said I ask my doctor since I am on high blood pressure meds and he said that it would be okay.  So far so good.  I will keep everyone posted on how it goes.
I am going to finish up today with a recipe for everyone that is good, sugar free and lite.

Pineapple Surprise

1 can crushed pineapple in its own juice (drained)
1-1/2 cups chopped fresh strawberrys
2 cups lite coolwhip
3 packs sweet-n-low ( you can use splenda)

Mix the pineapple, strawberries and sweet-n-low together.  Fold in cool whip and chill for 1 hour.  This is wonderful and light.

Everyone enjoy your day and keep blogging.


spunkysuzi said...

Blisters are nasty! But if you get fitted for shoes that will probably help. Also the type of sock you wear can make a big difference.

M said...

I love pineapple! I'll have to try it!

Mrs.Chubby said...

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I really appreciate it.

Good for you for still walking with blisters. I made the mistake of walking in bad shoes last night and I had to sport a really cute Dora bandaid so I could make it to work today. :)

Good luck! Sounds like you are doing great!!

Ice Queen said...

Thank you for the recipe! It looks good. And it looks like something that even my super-picky-I'm-not-eating-THAT husband would enjoy.

*furiously scribbles down recipe*

Good luck on your next 5K :D