Friday, December 4, 2009 | By: Debbie

Bad Girl - Bad Girl

Okay I am not doing so great on the stop eating part.  We went out to get chinese food last night and I blew it.  I am so tired when I get home and stressed out that I do not take the time to slow down and taste my food.  I need HELP.  Anyone out there with any ideas it would be a great help.  I have no entergy, I go home cook and then I am ready for bed, my house looks like a site from better homes and junk yard.    I do not know how other women do it, I have a friend that works, keeps her house  clean and everything is in its place.  I think she is wonder woman in hiding.  Both my sistes are slim and they have clean houses.  I am going to have to buy new dishes or wash some of the ones I have.  Ha Ha.