Wednesday, January 19, 2011 | By: Debbie

Day 19 - WW Meeting Tonight..

Yes it is that time again and I am looking forward to weighing in.  I am as always hoping for at least 2 lbs, but I will take one as always.  I figure 1 lb at a time and by next December I will have lost 110 lbs in all so that is not to bad.  My eating has been great this week and I have started taking vitamin D and a Calcium supplement so I feel great. 

Supper last night was grilled catfish and I fixed hubby some grilled Tuna.  We had green beans and some dilled carrots.  It was a good low point meal and tasty.    Tonight will be something take out because of my meeting so it will have to be quick. 

No exercise this week I am getting home late and having to cook and try and catch up from being at deer camp 3 days last week.  I will be staying home this Friday night and my sister and I am going out to eat and go to a movie.  We are going to Red Lobster so I am going to stick to shrimp or a lobster with a salad.  I am looking forward to some time with my sister and this will be fun.  I am going to babysit my grandson Saturday so the kids can go and work on their new house. 

Not much going on today still in training mode at work so not a long post.  Here is yesterdays journal..  Stay healthy..

3 comments: said...

Red Lobster is a KILLER for me. Their breaded shrimp - oh my! Glad you have a plan in place on what to eat, enjoy! Cheers, Rick

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I love Red Lobster but there are too many tempting things there for me. We don't go often. Have fun!

Tim said...


Can we all come to dinner too? LOL